Maine Made: Award Winning Radio Commercials 2014

Portland_Maine_Radio_Maine_Small_Busienss_Woman_Listening_To_Radio_With_HeadphonesIn previous articles we shared astounding radio commercials from around the world and from around America,  Today, we are highlighting award winning commercials heard on Portland Maine radio and other stations throughout the state. These commercials prove that great radio ads don’t have to come from Madison Avenue or from Hollywood.

Each year the Maine Association of Broadcasters recognizes the best radio commercials produced by radio stations in Portland, Augusta, Bangor, Presque Isle and from any other place in the state where great radio is made. This year’s winning commercial reaffirms how the power of sound can contribute to the success of Maine small business. Here are this year’s winners. Take a listen to greatness.

Category: Best Radio Campaign

  • First Place; Leonard Automotive–Classic Collision…Produced by Thom Osborne, Katie Doak, Jason Urquhart, and Emilie Bronson at WQCB-FM

  • Second Place:;Masonry Preservation Associates — The Leak Detectives…Produced by Steve Schneider, Jenn Gondek, and Lisa Norton at WGAN AM/FM

  • Third Place: Ellsworth Collision…Produced by Mandy Exly and Alex & Tammy at WKSQ-FM

Category: Best Radio Commercial

  • First Place: Tim’s Plumbing-Dr. Jay Love…Produced by Thom Osborne, Jason Urquhart, and Sabrina Colson at WEZQ

  • Second Place: Truckworks And More-One Sexy Truck…Produced by Thom Osborne, Emilie Bronson, and Clem LaBree at WQCB

    • Third Place: Pray’s Auto Sales-Jake And Jimmy’s Turkey Giveaway…Produced by Thom Osborne at WBZN

Congratulations to this year’s winners. Click here to see the complete list of 2014 Maine Association of Broadcasters News and Creative Awards winners.


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