Maine Small Business Makes Radio Ads A Member of The Sales Team

What if you could hire an additional person to your sales team?  A seller who never asked for a raise? A seller who never complained the leads were weak? A seller who didn’t take vacation? A seller who never takes lunch? A seller you don’t have to pay a commission? And a seller that always get referrals?  Small Business Advertising Portland Maine Radio WH DemmonsV4Such a seller exists and it’s called radio. Douglas Martin, President of W.H.Demmons in Westbrook, Maine, has hired radio to sell for him…and it works!

W.H. Demmons is a design-build-maintain engineering firm that focuses on reducing a business’s energy costs. The company, founded in 1914, comprises 3 distinct divisions: air-conditioning; roofing; and geothermal.

Radio Gives Instant Credibility

According to Martin, “Not only has radio generated business but it gives brand recognition to W.H. Demmons”.  This is apparent when Martin meets prospective clients for the first time.  He says, “When I introduce myself a lot of times, someone in that meeting who did not know me before has heard me on the radio.  That almost gives instant credibility. It’s like generating a warm referral.”  Every time that happens, Martin says, “This really works.  It’s not just generating business over the phone, it’s actually improving our recognition in the community.”

It’s Almost Like Adding Another Sales Person

“When we run radio ads, it’s almost like adding another salesperson. That’s really what I look at it as,” says Martin.  “I have a small sales staff to begin with, but using radio puts another salesperson in the field for me.  Not only is it generating leads, we are also getting people to call us which is a good indication of someone who has a significant need.” Martin goes on to say, “It’s a lot different that knocking on a door and making a call for yourself. When you have someone who hears you on the radio and they have initiated the call you are already in good standing.”

Listen to W.H. Demmons’s current radio commercial:

“So not only have a created another salesperson in the office by using radio,” says Martin, “But the leads that come in are very positive. There’s a need there.  The client has taken the initiative to call us… so the closing ratio is very high.”

Martin offers advice to other Maine small businesses. “If you are not using radio, then you’re probably doing yourself a disservice if you are trying to build your reputation or your market share.”

Watch the entire interview with Douglas Martin from W.H. Demmons:

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