Maine Small Business Talks To Maine Small Business on Portland Radio

Man_With_Open_For_Business_Sign.pngIf it wasn’t for Maine small business owners, Maine would not have much business at all.

According to Amanda Rector, the Maine State Economist, companies with fewer than 100 employees count comprise 95% of all of the businesses in the state. Wow!  More importantly, these small businesses produce $6.7 billion receipts. This makes Maine small business owners a lucrative market for companies who sell goods and service necessary to operate a business successfully.

So how does a company who wants to sell into this lucrative market advertise to the owners of Maine small businesses?  Research from Nielsen indicates that Portland radio is the answer.

According to Nielsen, small business owners in southern Maine are much more likely to listen to the radio than to consume other media. Considerably more likely.


Using radio to reach Maine small business owners has been a successful strategy for both Mathews Brothers and W.H.Demmons.

Portland Radio Is Effective For A Maine Small Business In Just 6 Weeks

Mathews Brothers of Belfast, Maine is the oldest manufacturer of windows in America.  Since 1854, the company has been making all sorts of windows that can be found in homes throughout New England. Despite 159 years of success, the company has one problem.  In the words of Bob Maynes, Mathews Brothers Director of Marketing and International Sales, “We are the oldest company in the country that no one ever heard of.”  The company invested in radio to fix the problem.

The results for Mathews Brothers were swift and significant. According to Maynes, “Within six weeks or starting our radio advertising, my customers were calling me up saying: I love your commercials. I’m hearing them all the time. Thanks for doing it.” Mayne says, “My goal was when [contractors and homeowners] walk into the lumberyard, I just want them instead of saying: Mathews Brothers I never heard of them, I want them to say: Oh. Mathews Brothers has one ‘T’ or Mathews Brothers is the oldest window manufacturer in the country.” According to Bob, radio fulfilled the challenge, “We’re no longer an unknown, we are somebody customers have heard of.”

W.H. Demmons has also seen measurable results from their investment in radio advertising, The company is a design-build-maintain engineering firm that focuses on reducing a business’s energy costs. The company, founded in 1914, comprises 3 distinct divisions: air-conditioning; roofing; and geothermal.

Portland Radio Works On Multiple Levels

According to Doug Martin, President of W.H. Demmons, “Not only has radio generated business but it gives brand recognition to W.H. Demmons”.  This is apparent when Martin meets prospective clients for the first time.  He says, “When I introduce myself a lot of times, someone in that meeting who did not know me before has heard me on the radio.  That almost gives instant credibility. It’s like generating a warm referral.”  Every time that happens, Martin says, “This really works.  It’s not just generating business over the phone, it’s actually improving our recognition in the community.”

“When we run radio ads, it’s almost like adding another salesperson. That’s really what I look at it as,” says Martin.  “I have a small sales staff to begin with, but using radio puts another salesperson in the field for me.  Not only is it generating leads, we are also getting people to call us which is a good indication of someone who has a significant need.” Martin goes on to say, “It’s a lot different that knocking on a door and making a call for yourself. When you have someone who hears you on the radio and they have initiated the call you are already in good standing.”

Writing in Forbes Magazine on Nielsen’s findings regarding radio, Doug Schoen said, “The implications of results like these are profound for the communications and advertising industries and as a marketing professional with over 35 years of experience, I found this data nothing short of fascinating. It’s quite clear that we should all be paying more attention to radio, its reach and potential to help our businesses. It’s doing the job with expert efficiency.”

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