Maine Tool Store Nails It With Radio Advertising

Small Business Advertising Portland Maine Radio ShelterEach of us is exposed to 11,000,000 pieces of information every single second.  This means that the content included in a 60 second radio commercial competes for our attention simultaneously against 660,000,000 other pieces of data.  Remarkably, our conscious mind can only deal with about .00036% of the information we are exposed to or about 40 pieces of data per second.  Of those 40 pieces of information, only about 7 have a chance to get remembered.  So smart advertisers have learned that to win the battle for our consciousness, commercials should be limited to a single idea. Then each of the 150 or so words of a radio commercial should be crafted to support that single idea.  This lesson was learned by Blueberry Beeton, Vice President of Shelter in Woolwich, Maine.

Shelter provides a variety of services to people who are interested in learning about homebuilding.  The company provides design build services; custom and kit timber frame; real estate brokerage; fine woodworking tools; and accredited classes in homebuilding. According to Blueberry, “My parents actually started Shelter Institute in 1974 with the idea of demystifying the house building process. Our business focuses on every aspect of home improvement from the perspective of doing everything yourself…doing the wiring, the plumbing. digging your own foundation by hand….to simply being your own general contractor and being able to effectively speak with to whoever you are hiring to do the work for you.” 

Focused Radio Advertising Is Critical To Success

Describing effectively everything that Shelter does in a 60-second radio commercial is difficult.  “We historically advertised all of the services we offer all at once in one ad. But that was just too much,” says Blueberry. “It was very hard for us, though, to pare down to just one thing.”  After much deliberation it was decided to focus on Shelter’s tool store. “One of the things we have been working on for the last year or two is to remind people that we have this amazing tool store deep in the woods in Woolwich, Maine” says Blueberry.

Portland Radio Group Has Helped Tremendously

The Shelter Tool store is an amazing place that offers an extensive selection of hard-to-find tools including chisels, gouges, knives, planers, and hand saws. According to Blueberry, “We are very excited about our tool store.  We look for tools that make building, carving, and woodworking more fun and easier for the hobbyist, the beginner, and the professional. We look all over the world and the country for these tools.  They not only need to be well priced, but they need to be a high quality tool.”

“This is where Portland Radio Group has helped tremendously,” says Blueberry. “It has been a very effective way for us to get the word out.”  Listen to Shelter’s current radio commercial promoting the tool store:

The singular focus on the tool store in advertising has been effective for Shelter. “What we found,” says Blueberry, “is the tool store is what people can recognize. They can say ‘a tool store…woodworking tools, I’m going to go there.’ But to say a timber-framing company is a little harder for people to wrap their heads around. So our goal is to use [our tools] to get people to our door or website. Then they will become more interested in the other items we offer like timber framing or concrete countertop classes. So the tool store seems to be the best draw…so finding a focal point has been critical for us.”

To learn more form Blueberry how Shelter uses Portland Radio Group to market its products and service, watch the video below:


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