OMG! Nobody Listens To Portland Radio Anymore?

IAdvertising On Portland Radio Maine Small Business Who Listensf you’re a Maine small business owner, then raise your hand if you think nobody listens to Portland radio anymore. If your hand is above your head…then you are right.  Kinda.

Sure, nobody listens to Portland radio any more. But, on the other hand, nobody listens to the radio any less either. Here are the facts.

Last week, according to Nielsen, more than 9-out-of-10 people living in Southern Maine tuned-in to their favorite Portland radio stations. That’s far from nobody. In fact, that’s almost everybody from every generation. Millennial. GenX. GenY. GenZ. Boomers.

Maine Small Business Owners How To Advertise Portland Radio

This means, last week 691,336 adult consumers found what they were looking for on the Portland radio dial. Adjusted for population growth, it turns out, the number of people who listen to AM/FM radio is the same today in 2018 as it was in 1998. So, when it comes down to it, nobody is listening less to Portland radio. They are listening as much as ever.

So, despite the assault from thousands of new media options over the past two decades, advertising on Portland radio still reaches the most consumers possible. More than local TV. More than local newspapers. More than local magazines. More than streaming media services like Pandora or Spotify.

Reach of Advertising on Portland For Maine Small Business Owners

In the second paragraph I wrote “almost everybody” listens to Portland radio. So, who is the 7% of the population that did not tune-in last week. Spoiler alert: it’s a segment of the population that most Maine small business owners have no desire in reaching with their advertising.

For instance, compared to the general population, adults who did NOT listen to a Portland radio station last week are

  • 27% LESS likely to have an annual household income of at least $50,000
  • 12% LESS likely to own a home valued at $200,000 or more
  • 80% MORE likely to be unemployed
  • 124% MORE likely to have not graduated from high school
  • 104% MORE likely NOT to have eaten in a restaurant in the past 30 days
  • 30% LESS likely to pay for home improvements over the next year
  • 19% LESS likely to buy a mattress over the next year
  • 37% LESS likely to buy furniture over the next year
  • 37% LESS likely to buy a major appliance over the next year

There seems to be a new form of digital media available to consumers every day. Some like Pandora and Spotify find a small audience. None of these new options, though, have eroded the omnipresence of Portland radio. This is a fact, not lost on smart Maine business owners who continue to depend on Portland radio to reach prospective customers.

Case in point. Northeast Technical Institute is a career school with campuses in Scarborough, Lewiston, and Bangor. The company’s president Jim Liponis knows radio remains a powerful was to recruit students.

It Is Hard To Beat Portland Radio

“It is hard to beat radio” says Mr. Liponis. “To recruit students, we have spent millions of dollars advertising our brand. We’ve always utilized a broad mix of media. Early on, newspaper ads were a staple for us. Lately, we’ve been pushing more money towards internet and digital.”

“For the past 22 years, though,” Mr. Liponis adds, “advertising on Portland radio has had the most consistent place in our marketing mix. We have found that radio has a strong presence in Maine. With the variety of great stations, we can really fine tune our demographics and tailor our message to get the attention of what we know to be our target audience.”

Portland Radio The Only Way To Get Message Across

Dr. Nicholas K. Roy, owner of Saco River Dentistry in Buxton, reports similar success. Dr. Roy credits his radio advertising with contributing to a 426% increase in new patients this year versus last year.

“When people come to the dentist,” says Dr. Roy, “they want to know who they are seeing. They want to feel the energy of the person. They have to trust that person.”

“Radio”, he points out, “is the only way to get that message across.”

Radio Is Second To None

Scott Libby, owner of Royal River Heat Pumps in Freeport, credits his radio advertising campaign and its catchy jingle with doubling his sales in just one year. “When it comes to reach,” says Mr. Libby, “radio is second to none.”

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