Portland Radio After Dark: Who Listens At Night?

LJ_on_Great_Wall_of_China_copyThere are many things we know that just ain’t so!  Here’s a picture of me on the Great Wall of China.  It is a widely held belief that the wall is the only man-made object that can be seen from the moon.  Well, that’s just not true. This myth was born in 1932 in a “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” cartoon that proclaimed the wall to be “the mightiest work of man, the only one that would be visible to the human eye from the moon.”  Neil Armstrong, who would walk on the moon 67 years later says he could only see continents, oceans, lakes, and splotches of white on blue.  Armstrong says he could not make out any man-made objects on earth, 230,000 miles away. As a matter of fact, according to Scientific American, not only can’t it been see from the moon, it really can’t be seen from low earth orbit either.

Here’s another thing we know that ain’t so: Nobody listens to Portland Maine Radio at night.  The origins of this legend are not quite as clear, but the facts are certain.  Almost 40% of every one living in Southern Maine listens to the radio at night and it’s a great time for small business owners to advertise.  Here are the facts…

In last week articles, Nine Facts About Portland Radio, we shared research from Nielsen that indicated that 9-out-of-10 adults in Southern Maine listen to the radio every week.  Because of lifestyles, work schedules, and other demands of everyday life, these people listen at all different times of the day.  Despite the popular misconception, according to the research, 37.9% of adults listen to the radio between 7:00pm and midnight, almost as many that listen during daylight hours.


The cost of radio advertising is driven, in part, by supply-and-demand.  Because of the persistent but misguided belief that nobody listens to the radio at night, the price of advertising during this time can be as little as 20% of a station’s 6am-7pm rate. Additionally, according to Nielsen, a large percentage of adults in the Portland Maine area who listen to radio between 6am and 7pm also listen between 7pm and 12m.  That means that a budget-minded small business owner can reach 56.1% of the “prime time” audience for one-quarter of the price.


Just in case you might think that the 296,000 people who listen to radio night in southern Maine are younger people coming and going to nightclubs, guess again.  According to Nielsen, radio reaches all adult age groups at night.


This research sheds light on the people who listen to Portland radio at night.  Maine small business owners can extend the value of their marketing budgets by including this part of the day in their advertising plans.