Portland Radio Dominates The Hours When Maine Small Business is Open

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Best Time To AvertisieA few weeks ago in Forbes Magazine, Doug Schoen urged business owners to “be paying more attention to radio, its reach and potential to help our businesses. It’s doing the job with expert efficiency.” A study released last week by Nielsen continues to emphasize Schoen’s advice.

Nielsen’s Total Audience Report that measured American’s media consumption between May and July of this year shows that during the hours when most Maine small business owners are open is the same time when AM/FM radio rules over all other media. In other words, Portland radio is likely to be the last medium used when Maine consumers are most likely to buy.  What a great time to advertise.

Check this out: during the weekday hours of 6am-7pm, when most Maine businesses are open, substantially more adults are reached by AM/FM radio than TV, smartphones or internet devices.

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Effective Radio Advertising Larry Julius

When you factor in not only reach, but also the time consumers spend with each medium (what advertising professionals call “share”), then it becomes very evident that among all options, AM/FM radio is the preferred choice of consumers during business hours.  This is especially remarkable among key consumer segments including adults 18-49.

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Best Time To Buy Advertising

There is not a single hour during the business day where AM/FM radio is not the dominatant medium. This would lead one to conclude that when the sun shines, it’s a great time for Maine business owners to market their goods and services on Portland radio.

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Advertising Time of Day

As Doug Schoen said in his Forbes article, “Despite how often the media reports on newer forms of advertising, it is in fact free broadcast radio – yes, a mass market medium that’s been around since the 19th century – that often most effectively reaches and truly influences consumers.

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Portland Maine Radio Effective Advertising For Maine Small Business