Portland Radio Helps Maine Small Business Overcome Hiring Challenges

maine small business portland radio recruitment advertising help wantedMaine has a labor shortage. Everyone who wants a job, has a job. This is making it next to impossible for small business owners to find employees to fill open positions. And that takes a toll on profits.

In a recent interview with Maine Public Radio, Amanda Rector, a Maine State economist, cited the chronic scarcity of workers as the number one challenge to Maine business.

For 26 months in a row, the Maine jobless has been below four percent. This is the level that economists consider full employment.

In November, according to the Department of Labor, the unemployment rate fell again to 3.3%. One year ago, it was 3.8%. In Cumberland and Sagadahoc county, the rate is 2.4%.

To fill open jobs, Maine employers recognize that they must lure workers from other companies. New research from Nielsen demonstrates that advertising on Portland radio is an excellent tool for engaging qualified candidates who are already working, but for someone else.

Nielsen recently released its Total Audience Report for the second quarter of 2017. This report compares consumer consumption of all viable media. The findings: 97% of consumers are reached by radio each month, far more than any other medium.

But more importantly, Portland radio does a superior job reaching the audience Maine small business owners covet: people who are employed. Plus, radio reaches those people while they are working.

Nielsen found that most radio listening occurs away from home and that most of that radio listening happens during working hours.

maine small business portland radio recruitment advertising help wanted employment

More importantly, 76% of radio listeners between the ages of 18 and 64 are employed. Furthermore, those who are employed full-time listen to radio 2.5 hours more per week than people who are unemployed. This makes the Portland radio audience a great pond for Maine employers to fish for qualified job candidates.


maine small business portland radio recruitment advertising help wanted employmentRadio Recruitment Advertising Is A Smart Move

Local businesses who have advertised on Portland radio to recruit qualified candidates have found great success.  “It was actually one of the smartest moves we made,” says Ron LaFlamme, former Transportation Manager at Hannaford Transportation.

Portland Maine Small Business Radio Recruitment Advertising Hannaford

Doug Martin, President of W.H. Demmons agrees, “Newspaper ads didn’t really do a lot for us. Online ads have been working a little bit. When we started on the radio we got a fairly quick response.”

The ability of radio to reach qualified job candidates in Maine embraces every type of industry and small business including manufacturing, retail, sales, construction, and accounting.

Jeffery Verrill, Executive Vice President of Salt Associates, turned on the radio to recruit disability claim associates with at least two years of experience. After the first week of the campaign, Jeffery said the results were, “Dynamite!  We got 12 responses. Three or four were qualified and we are expecting more.”

Terry Skillin, owner of Skillins Greenhouses, said he experienced similar success using radio. “It was a three day campaign with amazing results.”

Doug Martin finds one other advantage of using radio as a recruitment tool.  He says, “We call them recruitment ads, but they do accomplish more than recruiting. They get our name out in the community and that’s very beneficial for us.” 

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