Portland Radio Remains Top Of The Heap Despite Digital Competitors

PortlandRadioMaineSmallBusinessGirlListeningToRadioOnHeadphonespngFifteen years ago, Pandora was born.  Pandora is kinda like radio, but you can only listen online. Because Pandora seems to know exactly what songs want hear when you want to hear them, it was supposed to lead to the death and destruction of traditional AM/FM radio.  On the day Pandora was born, 90+ percent of American’s listened to traditional radio every week.  As of today, nothing has changed.  According to a new study by Nielsen, currently 90+ percent of Americans of every age still listen to radio every week.















Traditional radio’s audio leadership is driven by its ongoing dominance of in-car listening.  This is an area that, according to Forbes magazine, Pandora reports that its apps installed in cars make an insignificant contribution to its total listener hours. As a matter of fact, as you can see from the chart below supplied by research company Ipsos, if you combine all sources of in-car audio (except CD players), then it still does not even come close to radio share of in-car listening.



Another study by Nielsen supports traditional media’s strength against the onslaught of digital competitors. Nielsen reports that consumers still spend 2 hours and 44 minutes per day listening to AM/FM radio.  This is almost twice the amount of time these same consumers spend with their smart phone (1 hour and 33 minutes) and computers (1 hour and six minutes).

So despite 15 years of predictions of its death at the hands of digital marauder, traditional AM/FM radio remains top of the media heap.  This is great news for Maine small business who depends on radio to fulfill their marketing and advertising needs.


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