Portland Radio Still Fills Maine’s Ears

Rendered_EarLast week, 704,800 adults in southern Maine listened to a Portland radio station, according to research from Nielsen. That’s 90% of all consumers. This research indicates that despite the onslaught of new audio media over the past 10 years, radio still dominates consumers’ ears.  Information shared by Morgan Stanley this month confirms radio’s preeminence.

Morgan Stanley is the second largest investment bank in the world. The firm, founded in 1935 by J.P. Morgan & Company, is responsible for managing and investing more than $1.4 billion dollars of its clients’ wealth. In a letter to its customers, the firm released the findings of a study that showed, in fact, 86% of American’s listen to AM/FM radio each week. This is far more than any other audio platform.  Here are the findings of the study.

When 2000 Americans were asked which audio platforms they currently use, they responded:


Contributing to radio’s continued dominance is in-car listening according to a recent article in The Wall St. Journal: Radio Remains King of The Road, According to the Journal, despite the proliferation of digital audio platforms, radio still rules the dashboard.  The article quotes findings from Edison Research that indicates 86% of consumers choose to use radio while driving.  No other medium comes close.

Portland Maine Radio Small Business Advertising

Americans spend almost 2 hours and 40 minutes per day in their cars.  Since AM/FM radio is the preferred in-car medium, according to a study by Arbitron (now Nielsen Audio), Maine small business can seize this marketing opportunity to reach this captive audience.

Besides dominating the dashboard, radio also dominates at work listening. Read more: Radio Dominates The Office and The Dashboard.


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