Portland Radio Still Rules. Good News For Maine Small Business.

Portland_Radio_Maine_Small_Business_UPSometimes, when discussing Portland radio with Maine small business owners, I am reminded of “Dug” the talking dog from the movie “Up.”  We will be chatting about all of the proven benefits of radio advertising, when all of a sudden the business owner will be distracted and blurt out, “Facebook” or “Pandora” or one of the hundred other new-and shiny competitors for consumers’ attention. This is the same way Dug was distracted every time a squirrel came into view. 

I understand how easy it is to have your head turned by the sexy new kid in school. But despite the avalanche of new media, according to new research by Jacobs Media, radio still dominates the battle for the ear.  This is awesome news for Maine small business owners who depend on Portland radio for marketing to new and existing customers.

According to the study, radio is still used by 92% of all consumers during the week. This number is consistent with other findings by Nielsen and Edison Research. As a matter of fact, this number is the same in 2015 as it was in 1999 before most of the new media was born. Below is a graphical representation of how media consumed last week:


Radio Still Dominates All Age Groups

Younger consumers have been the first adapters of most new forms of media. They were the first to latch on to Facebook, iTunes, Pandora, Twitter, and texting.  But despite the inclusion of new technologies into their media diet, members of Generation Y (aka, Millennials) have a voracious appetite for traditional AM/FM radio.  The Jacobs study finds that radio reaches almost the same percentage of Gen-Y as Baby Boomers like me.


Radio: Keepin’ It Local

With all of the shiny and new media seducing the ears of Portland radio listeners, how does radio retain its king-of-the-hill status? The answer is one word: “Local”.  According to the Jacobs study, 81% of consumers say local programming is really important to them.  Which is perfect for Maine small business owners who depend on local customers for their survival as well.


Don’t Just Take Jacob’s Word For It

During the past several months, other studies on how consumers use media have reached the same conclusion: Traditional radio, despite being 95 years old, not only holds its own against the distractions of new media, it dominates.  Learn more about this research by clicking on the links below:


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