Portland Radio Works While Maine Small Business Owners Sleep

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Overnight AdvertisingLast week, The New York Times devoted 1400 words of its Sunday business section to George Noory.  Who is this guy and why does he deserve so much space in the world’s third biggest newspaper?

Mr. Noory has been doing a show on Portland radio station WGAN and 600 other outlets across the country for the past 14 years.  You probably sleep through this show because it airs from 1:00am until 5:30m every weekday. But while you are in bed dreaming of ringing cash registers, many of your customers are tuned-in.

Nielsen, the ratings company, told The Times that Mr. Noory’s show, “Coast To Coast” is the most listened to overnight radio show in America.

This raises two more question: Who listens to Portland radio during the earliest hours of the morning and why should Maine small business owners lose sleep over this?

According to Nielsen, 23.6% of adults listen to radio during the overnight hours. This listening level is consistent among all age groups.

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Overnight Listening

Interestingly, more people listen to traditional AM/FM radio between midnight and 6:00am than listen to Pandora, Sirius/SM and Spotify combined at any time during the week.

Even though you could be 20 winks into a good night’s sleep, there is still a very desirable audience listening to radio between midnight and 6:00am.  According to Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) who measures such things:

  • The median age of the overnight radio audience is 43.9 years old
  • 73.9% of the overnight radio audience are employed
  • 25,8% of the overnight radio audience have white-collar jobs
  • The median income of the overnight radio audience is $50,300 per year
  • 55.7% of the overnight radio audience are homeowners
  • 38.7% of the overnight radio audience have children living at home

The most significant reason Maine small business owners should be interested in advertising on Portland radio during the overnight hours is value.  According to MRI, 61.7% of the overnight radio audience also listens during the considerably more expensive morning drivetime. Typically, the cost to advertise during overnights is more than 1/30th the cost advertising between 6am-10am.

Any budget minded business, therefore, should consider using overnight radio as part of any advertising schedule.

Marc Greenberg, owner of Marc Motors in Sanford, Maine and a long-time radio advertiser, includes overnight radio in his radio campaigns. When asked why he continues to invest in radio advertising, Mr. Greenberg simply says, “Because it works.”

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