Honoring those who went above and beyond in 2020.

Nominations for the 2020 Portland Police Department Honor Roll of Awards and Commendations are submitted by department members who believe a coworker has gone above and beyond when responding to the call of duty.   All submissions are reviewed by a departmental panel of peers who ultimately make the final selections. It is an annual opportunity for the men and women of the PPD to be recognized and appreciated for the extraordinary and tireless work they perform protecting the citizens of Portland.

Thank you to all those who keep going above & beyond for their communities from Chase Custom Home & Finance.

07/06/2020 – 1145 Brighton Ave (Barron Center) – Case #20-001467
Citizen Award – Otis Coshion, Elizabeth Verril, Carter Keller

Incident: The three students listed were job shadowing at the Barron Center. They reported unethical and illegal behavior they had witnessed by a staff member.. Upon notifying appropriate staff, the employee was immediately placed on administrative leave, thereby eliminating the possibility of the employee having further contact with patients.

03/04/2020 – 335 Forest Ave – Case #20-001419
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Lt. William Preis, Sgt. John Nueslein, Ofc. Mark Keller, Ofc. Roland LaChance, Ofc. Matt Eide, Ofc. Joe Bliss, Ofc. Stacey Brooker, Ofc. Aaron Curlee, Ofc. Dave Argitis, Ofc. Matt Rider, Det. Kelly Gorham, Det. Paul Murphy, ET Jon Reeder, Ofc. Jesse Dana, Ofc. James Oliver, Sgt. Mike Rand, Det Jess Brown, Det. Andy Hagerty, Disp. Phil Viola, Disp. Brad Williams, Disp. Allyson Hildreth, Disp. Shannon Dougherty, Disp. Patick Hastings

Incident: Units were assigned to Bank of America (39 Auburn St). a female was in the bank manager’s office saying she had been forced at gunpoint to go into the bank and withdraw $10,000 and then turn it over to the male suspect,, who was waiting outside in a car. Units located the male outside the bank, but he quickly fled on foot. The male was eventually captured by officers on the Portland/Falmouth line and was charged with robbery, criminal threatening, kidnapping, and refusing to submit to arrest.

05/04/2020 – 1050 Westbrook St (Embassy Suites) – Case #20-002495
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Lt. Jacob Titcomb, Sgt. Kevin Murphy, Ofc. Jason Nadeau, Ofc. Ben Savage, Ofc. Ian Geib, Ofc. Deni Snajder, MDEA Lt. Kevin Cashman, Disp. Nicole Tremblay, Disp. Isabella Saucier

Incident: Anonymous caller reporting on going drug activity.. Officers responded, planned their approach, and made entry. They encountered several male and female individuals who were involved. Ultimately, there were two arrests. Patrol coordinated with MDEA in the seizure of a significant amount of drugs. This was an example of different agencies coordinating and working together with a significant amount of drugs being taken off the streets.

05/01/2020 – 1917 Forest Ave (7-Eleven) – Case #20-002447
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Ofc. Sean Hurley, Ofc. Josh McDonald, Ofc. Blake Cunningham, Ofc. Sam Coyne, Sgt. Rob Miller, Sgt. Jeff Calloway, Ofc. Sara Clukey, Ofc. Patrick Duddy, ET Jamie Beals, ET Jon Reeder, Det. Kelly Gorham, Ofc. Kevin Nielsen, Ofc. Adam Pelletier, Ofc. Matt Burnell, Ofc. Terry Fitzgerald

Incident: Units responded to a report of an armed robbery with a handgun displayed that had just occurred at the 7-Eleven.  Within minutes, they had secured the scene. Evidence, along with other pertinent information was collected within a very short time after.  All of this sound work at the scene set the stage for the suspect being identified by another officer and he was arrested before the day was over and charged with Armed Robbery.

05/08/2020 – 2 Canal Plaza – Case #20-002586
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Lt. Nicholas Goodman, Sgt. Jeff Calloway, Det. Andjelko Napijalo, Det. Dan Townsend. Ofc. James Keddy, Ofc. Aaron Curlee, Ofc. Daniel Knight, Ofc. Sara Clukey, Ofc. Thien Duong

Incident: On 05/08/20 a motor vehicle was burglarized at 2 Canal Plaza.  Among items taken from the vehicle was a loaded AR-15 rifle.  Upon receiving the initial complaint, officers canvassed the area and were able to locate video of the suspect carrying what appeared to be the rifle wrapped in clothing.  A short time later Officer Keddy located the suspect walking on Oxford Street.  The suspect was transported to PPD headquarters for an interview where he admitted to the theft.  The suspect also  identified the person who gave him the rifle and he too was ultimately located and questioned. Based on the actions of all officers involved, this weapon was recovered, and two suspects were charged with multiple felony offenses.

04/03/2020 – 389 Congress St (City Hall) – Case #20-001965
Commendatory Letter – Det. Dan Townsend
Law Enforcement Award –
S/A Matt Fasulo (US Secret Service)
Citizen Award –
Kristin Orr (TD Bank Investigator)

Incident: CID was contacted by a representative from the City Hall alerting the agency to a network intrusion that resulted in approximately $537,000 being transferred from a city financial account, to an unknown person / entity that was outside of the State of Maine.  The incident was assigned to Detective Dan Townsend, who within minutes of receiving the assignment, was able to coordinate with the PPD’s Federal partners to identify and secure the suspect bank account. Upon securing the account,  Detective Townsend was able to identify several other municipalities that were also targeted.  He coordinated to notify the towns of the potential fraud.  It is likely that his efforts to timely identify and secure the suspect bank account substantially minimized the potential financial loss to the other municipalities. The financial institution for COP is TD Bank, upon notification of the electronic transfer to an unauthorized account, Senior Investigator Orr was instrumental in assisting the investigation.  She was able to identify additional municipalities who were victimized in a similar way by the same network of suspects using spoofed email addresses through Virtual Private Networks. Upon being notified of the phishing scheme, SA Fasulo assisted Portland PD in the investigation and provided support as a liaison with federal law enforcement officers in Pennsylvania.  The stolen funds were frozen in place, and the money was identified as being transferred to a suspect in Pennsylvania.  SA Fasulo provided further support in identifying various fraudulent email accounts and identifying the tradecraft of individuals engaged in the elaborate phishing scheme.

07/07/2020 – 88 Allen Ave – No Case #
Commendatory Letter – Ofc. Matt Pavlis

Incident: On July 9, 2020 at 1900, units were assigned to assist DHHS at a Portland residence. The primary officer assigned to the call was Officer Matt Pavlis. DHHS had a protection order to serve on a couple living at this location and required the removal of five children from the residence. The father of the children has a long criminal history and immediately became hostile when officers arrived. He made multiple violent threats if the children were to be removed. Additional officers were called in anticipation of a  fight. The man’s erratic behavior continued to escalate as time went on. Officer Pavlis remained calm and engaged the angry man, exhibiting compassion, poise, intelligence and dedication to the goal of de-escalation, despite the indescribably tense nature of the situation. He used excellent judgment to determine when to engage and when to take a step back. After two hours, the protection orders were able to be served, and the children packed up and were on their way; a testament to Officer Pavlis’ remarkable work on this call. No one was injured and there was no additional trauma for the children.

45 Park Ave (Deering Oaks Park) – 07/26/2020 – Case #20-004206
Law Enforcement Award – Sgt. Christopher Storm (New Hampshire State Police)

Incident: On 7/26/2020 officers responded to a motor vehicle crash at the location of a baseball game in Deering Oaks Park, involving injuries to a pedestrian.  A father of one of the baseball players was off duty New Hampshire State Trooper Sergeant Christopher Storm.  Sgt Storm was watching the game when he saw a car speeding through the park toward the bleachers.  Sgt Storm began to shout warnings to everyone in the bleachers and the surrounding areas.   All but one elderly man were able to move out of harm’s way before the car struck the bleachers, ultimately killing the man.   Sgt Storm, with the help of a Cumberland County Deputy who was in the area, ran down to the car and opened the doors to find both the driver and passenger unconscious and discolored.  Sgt Storm, recognizing the occupants were overdosing, immediately pulled them out of the car that was smoking from the crash and stayed with them until police arrived.  The driver of the vehicle recovered on scene from his overdose and was arrested and charged based strongly on the witness information provided by Sgt Storm. Not only was Sgt Storm instrumental in getting an accurate depiction of what played out in the park, but there is no doubt that his quick actions and early warnings saved lives.

Trauma Intervention Program
Citizen Award – Leslie Skillin (founder of TIP)

Incident: Leslie Skillin, who founded TIP, is retiring from that organization. TIP has been a welcome presence on many calls, and, in addition to that, Leslie has also been an active supporter of the police department. She has sat on numerous promotional and entry interview panels. She deserves recognition for her contributions to this department and the community.

52 Parris St – 08/14/2020 – Case #20-004631
Commendation for Merit Lt. Jason King, Sgt. Ben Noyes, Sgt. Tim Farris, Sgt. Rob Miller, Ofc.
Vince Rozzi, Ofc. Morgan MacLean, Ofc. Kyle McIlwaine, Ofc. Deni Snadjer, Ofc. Will Buckley, Ofc. Jesse Dana, Ofc. Blake Cunnigham, Ofc. Kyle Knutson, Ofc. Chris Kelley, Ofc. Alex Joyce, Disp. Jen Lee, Disp. Tori Grey, Disp. Natalia Ramirez, Disp. Patrick Hastings, Disp. Kate Nowicki
Citizen Award – Adam Behnke (Central Fire E5 FF/B), Bartley Foley (Central Fire E5 FF/B), Daniel Small (Central Fire E5 LT/B), Peter Cook (Munjoy Hill L1 FF/A ), John Hardy III (Munjoy Hill L1 CAPT/B), Benjamin Waterhouse (Munjoy Hill L1 FF/B), Steven Bishop (Munjoy Hill MC1), Rocky Sanfilippo (Munjoy Hill MC1)

Incident: A male armed with at least 2 knives had barricaded himself in a shed and had poured gasoline everywhere was threatening to light it.  The shed was in close proximity to other occupied dwellings.  The Crisis Negotiation Team negotiated with him but the male, still barricaded,  lit the gas on fire.  The Fire Department was able to move in and spray water into windows broken by police.  The male then jumped out of the window and the team was able to secure him and carry him to safety.

07/05/2020 – 109 Middle St – Case #20-003764
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Lt. Titcomb, Lt. Hondo, Lt. Martin, Sgt. Jaynes, Sgt. Murphy, Sgt. Rand, Sgt. Noyes, Ofc. Duddy, Ofc. Theriault, Ofc. Rogers, Ofc. Craig Knight, Ofc. Nadeau, Ofc. Savage, Ofc. Geib, Ofc. Proto, Ofc. Cannell, Ofc. Grass, Ofc. Buckley, Ofc. Leitch, Ofc. McIlwaine, Ofc. Kyle Forbes, Ofc. Turner, Ofc. Oliver, Ofc. Moore, Ofc. Łukasiewicz, Det. Townsend, Det. Brown, Det. Gowen, Det. Hagerty, ET Cote, ET Stearns, Disp. Blerina Zeqiri, Disp. Allyson Hildreth
Law Enforcement Award – FBI S/A Adam Morin, FBI S/A Chris Peavey
Citizen Award – Ray Saba

Incident: On 07/05/2020 at approximately 2245 hours, off duty Portland Police Officers inside Portland Police Headquarters reported hearing gunshots to the rear of the building. At the same time, a Portland Police Officer inside his cruiser in the PD garage also reported shots fired towards his location. A short time later, officers located a vehicle, which fit the description of the suspect vehicle, and were able to detain a suspect.Ultimately, the suspect faced charges for intentionally discharging a firearm towards the Portland Police Department. Ray Saba immediately responded to the PD’s request for assistance after shots were fired into the garage. Upon his arrival at the PD, he provided information which proved critical to locating and detaining the vehicle and individuals involved in the shooting.

09/03/2020 – Morrill St – No Case #
Citizen Award – Christopher Johnsen (Nappi’s Towing)

Incident: On 9.3.2020, officers responded to the end of Morrill Street where a nearby business owner reported an RV had been parked for many weeks without moving. The RV, surrounded by trash, was in disrepair. The RV owner advised he had no money, was living outta the RV, and could not afford to make the RV repairs. Due to it being in violation of a City of Portland Ordinance, a tow truck was requested by PD to  be towed to a secure facility. The owner was distraught. Nappi’s Towing arrived, operated by Christopher Johnsen. Chris, knowing the owner had no money, took the time to attempt to get the RV started. When that was not successful, he offered to tow the RV, not to Nappi’s lot, but to another private lot in the city, affording the RV owner more time to get help with repairing the RV.

04/26/2020 – 50 County Way (Cumberland County Jail) – Case #20-002374
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Lt. Hondo, Lt. Titcomb, Sgt. Mitchell, Sgt. Noyes, Ofc. K Forbes, Ofc. Gibbs, Ofc. Turner, Ofc. Moore, Ofc. Lukasiewicz, Ofc. Theriault, Ofc. Ross, Ofc. Joyce, Ofc. Nadeau, Det. Druan, Disp. Tori Grey, Disp. Genn Cardullo-Branco, Disp. Isabella

Incident: A male upset about a crime that had just occurred drove to the Cumberland County Jail to confront the suspect. Driving a large hummer, he began to ram a midsize SUV into a granite pillar of the building then continued to drive recklessly around the parking lot, putting County employees and visitors at serious risk. Officers were able to box in the suspect in his vehicle from the safety of armored vehicles . After being safely contained, the suspect safely submitted to arrest to the officers on scene.

09/22/2020 – 35 Burnham St – Case #20-005496
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Lt. Jason King, Sgt. Kevin Murphy, Ofc. Josh McDonald, Ofc. Zach Grass, Ofc. Jason Nadeau

Incident: A subject locked himself in his room and proceeded to destroy it..  He then attempted to hang himself in the closet.  Due to the circumstances, police had to go to extraordinary measures to safely save the subject without causing additional harm to him or to themselves. 

09/26/2020 – I295 – No case #
Commendation of Merit – Ofc. Brian Rollins, Ofc. William Buckley

Incident: Off. Rollins and Off. Buckley responded to a serious motorcycle crash.  Upon arrival they located a male with a severe injury to his left leg. The male bleeding profusely from not only the leg but multiple other locations. Officers Rollins and Buckley immediately used both their tourniquets on the leg of the victim in an attempt to slow the bleeding.  They, along with several passerby’s, continued life saving measures until a private North East ambulance stopped and rendered further aid.  The scene was eventually turned over to the State Police.  The quick action by these two officers was crucial in saving the life of the victim of the crash.

10/04/2020 – 155 Riverside St (Ramada Plaza) – Case #20-005776
Commendatory Letter – Ofc. Jacob Gibbs
Law Enforcement Award – Ofc. Nathan Mandeville (Westbrook PD)

Incident: Police were dispatched to a possibly deceased male. Officer Gibbs arrived on scene and he and Westbrook Officer, Ofc. Nathan Madeville, who happened to be there, started life saving measures on the subject until paramedics arrived. After 20 minutes of working the code, MedCU advised they had a good pulse and transported the patient to MMC. The quick action of Ofc. Gibbs and Ofc. Mandeville was paramount in the outcome of this incident. 

09/25/2020 – 1630 Forest Ave – No Case #
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Ofc. Dave Schertz, Ofc. Joe Bliss, Disp. Natalia Ramirez, Disp. Isabella Saucier

Incident: Male called 911, gave his  address then stopped responding to the call taker. The call taker quickly entered the call but knew it was more than just a pocket dial or accident.Sensing that the male was in some type of danger, they expedited officers to the address.  When Officers arrived the male caller was down in this driveway, not conscious and not breathing. Units began life saving measures and Medcu transported the male to the hospital. The male survived thanks to the quick response by all.

09/19/2020 – Casco Bay Bridge – Case #20-005407
Commendatory Letter – Lt. Jason King, Ofc. Alex Joyce, Ofc. Garrick Rogers, Det. Eli Chase, Det. Bryan Letarte, Jo Freedman

Incident: Units were checking the CBB for a 911 hang up call when they discovered a vehicle running with nobody inside. Ofc Joyce and Ofc Rogers investigated and found a young female deceased on the ground below who had intentionally jumped to her death.. The victim was the daughter of a former City and PPD employee so officers along with Jo Freedman traveled to a nearby town to make the notification in person and provided much needed support and assistance in the days that followed.

11/20/2020 – 457 Cumberland Ave – No Case #
Commendatory Letter – Ofc. Sam Coyne, Ofc. Curran Huff, Disp Jen Lee, Disp Allyson Hildreth

Incident: We received a call from a social worker asking to check on a terminal cancer patient who hadn’t been in contact with his social worker. The dispatcher called him directly to see how he was doing. He expressed a desire for KFC but no one delivered KFC to his address. Later that same day, dispatchers arranged for officers to deliver KFC to the patient as he doesn’t have any family or friends in the area.

08/14/2020 – 340 Park Ave (La Quinta) – Case #20-004630
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Sgt. Jeff Calloway, Ofc. Sara Clukey, Ofc. Jakob Demchak, Ofc. Jason Leadbetter

Incident: Officer Clukey initiated an investigation by arranging a meet with a suspected human trafficking victim.  The result was the arrest of a male who was using the victim’s drug addiction to manipulate her into generating money for him.  He was also subsequently charged with drug trafficking.  In this instance a true victim was saved and a true predator was served justice. 

02/04/2020 – 115 Dartmouth St – Case #20-000806
Distinguished Unit Commendation – SS/A Kevin Cashman, Sgt. Jeff Calloway, Special Agent Matthew Morrison, Ofc. Jason Leadbetter, Ofc. Jakob Demchak, Ofc. Sara Clukey, Ofc. Joshua McDonald, Ofc. Erik Richard, Ofc. Dave Moore, Ofc. Kyle Vaught, Ofc. Craig Knight, Ofc. Chris Kelly

Incident: A man came into the lobby of the Portland Police Department expressing concern over the suspected drug activity of his niece and her boyfriend.  Officer Kelly listened to the story and circumstances, he then involved members of MDEA and CRU who determined the boyfriend was a suspect in an overdose death Officers and Agents set up surveillance on the apartment and later initiated a traffic stop.  The result of the stop and subsequent search warrant was the seizure of over 2 pounds of Fentanyl, 4 guns, 125 Ecstasy tablets and approximately $15, 000.00 in cash. 

04/14/2020 – 36 Munjoy South – Case #20-008369
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Sgt. Jeff Calloway, Ofc. Sara Clukey, Ofc. Matthew Rider, Ofc. Joshua McDonald, Ofc. David Argitis, Ofc. Eric Johnson, Ofc. Jason Leadbetter
Law Enforcement Award – AAG Johanna Gauvreau

Incident: Officers Sara Clukey and Matthew Rider acting on information gathered through an investigation were able to determine that fugitive Derek Willerson was at 36 Munjoy South.  Willerson was believed to be one of three significant Methamphetamine dealers in the Portland area.  The arrest resulted in the seizure of 98ggw of Methamphetamine.   The vigorous prosecution by AAG Gauvreau led to Willerson pleading guilty.

2020 Year – 7 Rand Road (Brockway Smith) – No Case #
Citizen Award – Ray Briere

Incident: With deep appreciation and thanks to Ray Briere and Brockway Smith Company for their support to our canine unit by offering use of their facilities for ongoing training and development.   The use of this facility has allowed us to fulfill requirements in our training mission and continue to hold ourselves at the highest standards.

2020 Year – No Location – No Case #
Commendatory Letter – Ofc. Aaron Curlee

Incident: Ofc. Aaron Curlee came to the Portland Police Department after serving over 20 years with the El Paso, TX, Police Department, retiring as a Sergeant and Canine Trainer. Ofc. Curlee freely shares his extensive experience and training and has been an asset to the professionalism and capabilities of the Portland Police Canine Unit.  Our entire canine unit is thankful for his assistance.

05/12/2020 – 1500 Forest Ave – Case #20-002664
Commendation for Merit – Lt. Glen McGary, Sgt. Chris Mitchell, Ofc. Jeremy Turner, Ofc. Mary Lukasiewicz, Ofc. Dave Moore, Ofc. William Buckley

Incident: Officers were dispatched to a domestic violence incident in which a daughter was threatening to kill her mother, who had barricaded herself inside her bedroom for safety. The daughter was armed with a knife. Officers arrived on scene and were unable to get the daughter to open the door. Officers then climbed into the apartment through a bedroom window and were able to safely evacuate the mother from the apartment. Officers then learned the suspect had set a fire inside the apartment. Citizens in the surrounding apartments were evacuated and the Fire Department was contacted. The apartment door was then breached and the suspect was safely taken into custody.

12/12/2019 – Island Ave – No Case #
Commendation for Heroism – Ofc. Les Smith

Incident: There was a call for a structure fire at 522 Island Ave on Peaks Island. Officer Les Smith immediately responded in his cruiser ahead of the fire truck. Before other help arrived, Officer Smith discharged a fire extinguisher through the basement window into the fire.When the Fire Department arrived, Officer Smith  removed other fire extinguishers from the fire truck and used them to slow the fire down, prior to water flow from the fire trucks. The use of 3 fire extinguishers was a significant factor In keeping the fire from growing. After the fire crews entered the home, Les knew they were above the fire, so he kept the hose and continued with the fire attack through the windows, keeping it knocked down as much as possible. In the process, Les was hit with falling glass and suffered injuries but still managed to prevent a far more serious outcome.

11/29/2020 – I295 – Case #20-006874
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Ofc. Zach Grass, Ofc. Ian Geib

Incident: Officers responded to a suicidal 17 year old female, who was sitting on the I295 overpass on Washington Avenue. The juvenile had called 911 saying she was going to jump,  As she sat on the wrong side of the railing, her feet dangling over the highway, Ofc. Geib attempted to communicate with her from the middle of the highway below. Ofc. Grass approached from the overpass, and both attempted to establish a dialogue with the distraught youth. When the juvenile did not appear to engage in dialogue, Ofc. Geib spoke to her from below and the officers were able to divide her attention with just enough time for Ofc. Grass to grab her and stop her from jumping. The juvenile became more cooperative after being grabbed by Ofc. Grass and they were able to facilitate getting her to the help she needed.

01/21/2020 – 51 Boyd St – Case #20-000447
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Lt. Hondo, Lt. Titcomb, Sgt. Chris Mitchell, Sgt. Joe Jaynes, Sgt. Kevin Murphy, Ofc. Leitch, Ofc. Huff, Ofc. Macaluso, Ofc. Cody Forbes, Ofc. Kyle Forbes, Ofc. Jacob Gibbs, Ofc. Terry Fitzgerald, Ofc. Kyle McIlwaine, Ofc. Zach Theriault, Ofc. Alex Joyce, Ofc. Jason Nadeau, Ofc. Ian Geib, Ofc. Garrick Rogers, Ofc. Zach Grass, Disp. Isabella Saucier, Disp. Hiram Del Rio, Disp. Nicole Tremblay, Disp. Gennette Cardullo-Branco.

Incident: Numerous officers responded to this location for multiple reports of shots fired and an altercation occurring in the street. Upon arriving, officers determined this was related to an ongoing feud. Officers were able to secure the scene, investigate, and collect evidence of what transpired. Officers’ collective ability to coordinate a complex and large crime scene with multiple uncooperative subjects and the ability of dispatchers to record and relay important information played a vital role in the successful and peaceful resolution to this incident.

2020 Year – Portland International Jetport – No Case #
Law Enforcement Award – TSA Luke Skunza

Incident: At the beginning of 2020 the Portland Police Canine unit retired two of the three police dogs assigned to our explosive detection unit.  With the planned cycling of new handlers and police dogs the United States had a worldwide pandemic that had not been experienced in a century. With that the certification and training of our police dogs slowed to a crawl, it was T.S.A. trainer Luke Skunza that stepped up in April of this year and set up the first virtual certification of our new T.S.A. canine (K9 Sendy) and later the third canine (K9 Alfie) assigned to our unit.    T.S.A. trainer Luke Skunza’s expertise and ability to adapt to an ever changing crisis made the citizens of Portland and the State of Maine safer. 

05/22/2020 – Pine St – Case #20-002866
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Sgt. Jeff Calloway, Ofc. Sara Clukey, Ofc. Eric Johnson, Ofc. Jakob Demchak, Ofc. Dave Schertz, Ofc. Josh McDonald, Ofc. Jason Leadbetter, Det. Dan Townsend

Incident: On the above date and time, Officers with the Crime Reduction Unit conducted a vehicle stop, they were assisted by officers from the Patrol Division. During the investigation, officers seized nearly 100 grams of MDMA (Ecstasy), nearly 20 grams of crack cocaine,  over 100 illegally possessed Xanax pills, and numerous other illicit drugs. The operator was also illegally in possession of a firearm and multiple magazines, which are believed to have been used in a shooting the prior week.

05/28/2020 – Cumberland Ave – Case #20-002995
Distinguished Unit Commendation – Sgt. Jeff Calloway, Ofc. Sara Clukey, Ofc. Eric Johnson, Ofc. Matt Pavlis, Ofc. Craig Knight
Law Enforcement Award – AAG Johanna Gauvreau

Incident: A suspected second member of a  methamphetamine “triangle” was stopped by members of the Crime Reduction Unit.  The suspect was in possession of over 17 grams of Methamphetamine, over 30 grams of Fentanyl, LSD, and nearly $8,000 in suspected proceeds.  Boston would eventually plead guilty and is serving 5 years via the State of Maine.  The suspect’s swift receipt of justice is the result of vigorous prosecution by AAG Gauvreau, her dedication to the people of Cumberland County and in particular the men and women of the Crime Reduction Unit.

09/23/2020 – Portland, ME / Denmark, ME – Case #20-005502
Commendatory Letter – Det. Dan Townsend
Law Enforcement Award – Sgt. Dave Chabot (Maine Warden’s Service)

Incident: A male who had been reported missing was last seen in Portland at Hannaford on Riverside Street. His vehicle was located at the base of a trailhead in Denmark, ME. The Warden service initiated an extensive search and rescue operation. The Warden Service along with Detective Townsend were ultimately able to recover the male and bring much needed closure to the family.   Sgt Chabot of the Warden service was instrumental in organizing search efforts and communicating with Det. Townsend who was working closely with the family.