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Each month, 97% of consumers living in Southern Maine tune into a Portland radio station for entertainment, local news, local weather, and local sports. This makes radio the #1 reach medium with more weekly users than TV, smartphones, satellite radio, Pandora, and any other source of audio or video that you can think of. 

Maine_Small_Business_Advertising_On_Portland_RadioAM/FM radio’s continued dominance in the media life of consumers led Doug Schoen, a venerable marketing professional, to write in Forbes, “It’s quite clear that we should all be paying more attention to radio, its reach and potential to help our businesses. It’s doing the job with expert efficiency.”

Last week, another respected marketing professional, Jamie Michelson, echoed Mr. Schoen’s thoughts on the value of radio advertising. Mr. Michelson is the President and CEO of SMZ Advertising, a Detroit, Michigan area agency. The agency’s clients include the Michigan Lottery, Detroit Tigers, SVS Vision, Taubman Centers, the Detroit Red Wings, Community Choice Credit Union, Grand Hotel, Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau – all vital Michigan businesses, organizations, and brands.

In a recent article posted on The Jacobs Media Strategies website, Mr. Michelson was effusive in his commitment to using radio to fulfill his clients’ marketing objectives. To benefit Maine small business owners who are currently or considering advertising on Portland radio, I have re-published the article below. Thank you to Fred Jacobs for his permission to do so.

Jamie Michelson: 5 Reasons Why I’m Still Loyal To Radio

When I was a kid my mom bought a pile of colorful Radio Shack radios to bring as birthday party gifts. So, I’ve been connected to this gift called radio for 40+ years. Radio rocks. Radio reinvents. Radio reminds. Radio remembers.

Shiny opportunities consume a lot of time and energy in the world of advertising. Some of the traditional advertising methods may fall by the wayside. Not radio. Here are five reasons why our agency still plans, recommends, and buys radio!

1. You listen to radio.

This may seem like an obvious statement. Of course we listen to radio. But the power of listening should not be ignored. At our company, listening is an integral part of our process. Listen. Think. Do. is our mantra.

Listening allows for a deep understanding. We regularly skim articles and skip videos, but when we listen we are truly engaged with a message. Radio allows us to listen to messages put out by brands in a natural, lightly intrusive way.

2. Radio is your carpool companion.

What is radio? Is radio talk, news, podcasts, music, entertainment, or sports? Radio has always been a multi-faceted platform that provides an array of entertainment options for consumers. Sometimes it’s hard to peg exactly what radio is.

When I think of radio, I think of my morning commute. I have a few favorite morning shows – they’ve become my carpool companions. (Like a lot of people, I’m driving solo most of the time.) Morning radio shows garner a loyal following through this carpool companionship and that’s an excellent benefit for advertisers.

3. Radio lets you have your finger on the button.

Listeners flip through their preset stations with ease. They have their fingers on the button all the time, and that drives us to create the highest quality radio ads we can. This lets us have our fingers on the button by keeping consumers engaged and interested in our content. This relationship is what keeps the art of compelling radio advertising alive and well to this day.

4. We’re always predicting death.

The death of TV. The death of print. Sure, we’ve been predicting the death of radio for years now. As new technology continues to emerge, the death of radio seems to be a topic of conversation. Are we witnessing the death of radio? I’d argue not in my lifetime.

5. Radio is MOSO. Or is it SOMO?

Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia, said it best when he reminds us that radio connects to the consumer because it was the first mobile and social media platform. We’re all looking for the “next” up-and-coming social media platform to advertise on as we try to stay current. We’re bandwagon-hopping to platforms that may or may not last. So while we promote our posts, tweets, snaps and vines, let’s not forget our first social media platform: radio.

Thanks to jācapps for letting me be a blogger broadcaster. Comments are welcome. (See #1 about listening.)

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