Whoopie 100.9


Call letters: WYNZ-FM, South Portland
Branding: Whoopie 100.9, We play everything!
Format: Adult Hits
Website: https://whoopie1009.com
Streaming:  On mobile devices and smart speakers via the TuneIn App

What Is Whoopie?

Mainers know Whoopie Pies as the official dessert treat of our state (no kidding), and they know the new Whoopie 100.9 FM as the official radio station for having fun!  More foreground than adult contemporary and far more variety than traditional classic hits, Whoopie 100.9 FM plays fun, up-tempo music you know from the 80’s 90’s and 00’s, not just a single decade.  Think of the new Whoopie 100.9 as playing the party mix you might hear at a pub, a wedding or on your own smartphone.  There are no boundaries to our song choices because We Play Everything!  With a core audience of adults 35 to 54, Whoopie 100.9’s music mix has appeal across the entire 25-54 demographic spectrum.  In its very first ratings survey, Whoopie 100.9 is the market’s fastest-growing station from Fall ’22 to Spring ’23, surging an incredible 60% (© The Nielsen Company, Spring 2023 Total Week AQH Persons 12+)!

Whoopie Pairs Well With:  

  • Coast 93.1 to reach suburban Females 35-54 who love today’s hits with a more adult presentation.
  • The Bay 107.1 and 93.5 to target Women 45+ with an easier listening sound while they’re at work or relaxing at home.
  • 98.9 WCLZ to influence musically adventurous Men 45+.
  • Pure Oldies 105.5 to reach the broadest cross-section of older Baby Boom consumers when they’re most receptive to hearing your message.

Hottest Consumer Categories (Scarborough Research 2022-23):

  • Visited sit-down restaurant 10+ times in last 30 days; two teenagers living in household; more likely to purchase an EV; value of home averages $1MM+

Core Artists

Aerosmith, Green Day, Journey, Prince, Guns & Roses, Elton John, Bon Jovi


24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a week, We play everything!


Commercial Free Weekdays 9am to Noon

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