Newsradio WGAN


Call letters: WGAN, Portland
Branding: Newsradio WGAN
Format: News/Talk

What is WGAN?

WGAN is Maine radio’s news authority. The station offers a variety of programming starting each weekday morning with a local focus as host Matt Gagnon discusses a wide variety of issues affecting Maine. From there, a variety of nationally syndicated hosts take the mic, with local news and weather at the top and bottom of the hour. Weekends feature programs and content from all over.

Primary Target Listener

The WGAN audience tends to lean male and tends to skew from age 35+. The listenership indexes more likely than the base population to own a business or be a decision maker. WGAN listeners are informed, often outspoken, and tend toward the upper end of discretionary income.


Matt Gagnon Monday – Friday, 6am-9am
Hugh Hewitt Monday – Friday, 9am – 12pm
Rush Limbaugh Monday – Friday, 12pm-3pm
Howie Carr Monday – Friday, 3pm-7pm
Mark Levin Monday – Friday, 7pm-10pm
John Batchelor Monday – Friday, 10pm – 12am

For a full listing of the WGAN weekly schedule, Click Here.


Local News

National News






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